The video was filmed at a famous tourist beach in Spain where many visitors enjoy sunbathing might have been startling.

What better than the sun on a white sand beach with the sound of sea waves, cool and fresh atmosphere? In the meantime, perhaps you would choose a cocktail to sip and slowly fall asleep while sunbathing.

The thief slowly crawled to steal tourists’ propertiesHowever, you will probably have to rethink after watching videos┬árecently uploaded by an account named Gaviota 007. Accordingly, an organized gang has targeted British tourists who are resting on the beach in Mallorca, Spain.

The man in white shirt sits there.Taking advantage of casual visitors, sleeping or drunk, these guys steal their belongings. They often go into groups, to help each other watch out while misleading visitors to gain possession of their property.

And cooperates with his partner to take items from the visitorThe uploader has repeatedly streamed secret videos of theft in Mallorca from last month to Youtube, with captions in both English, Spanish and German, with the expectation that it will reach as many visitors as possible.

On his channel, Gaviota 007 wrote: “A civilian secretary, known as the 007 Secret Agent, and his friends are on a mission to prevent theft, prostitution and misbehavior and drug related activities in Mallorca.”

Also, according to the owner of a British bar, who wants to hide his identity, the gang uses another tactic to hook the tourists, usually men after them and left the bars.

“The pickpockets and the girls are their friends, they stand around selling the bar at the early morning, picking up the bags of the shocked ones. The girls would pretend to be prostitutes, hugging the young men, obviously drunk, and when they lost the vigil they were picking them up”- said the bar owner.

Watch video:

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