Making deep-fried pork roll with sausage and cheese is simple. Just spend 15 minutes then you will have a delicious dish. Now, let’s cook for your family!


Pork tenderloin: 200g

Salt: 4g

Pepper: 4g

Garlic powder: 4g

Cheddar cheese: 3 slices

Sausages: 3

Crispy fry mix: 200g

Eggs: 3

Tempura flour: 200g

Breadcrumbs: 200g


Step 1: Flatten the pork tenderloin. Evenly spread salt, pepper and garlic powder for both sides.

Step 2: Add in cheddar cheese and sausage then roll in. Continue for the rests.

Step 3: Roll them into tempura flour – egg – breadcrumbs then fry until golden brown.

Step 4: Cut them into slices. Serve with chili sauce.

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